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About The FlagKite

FlagKites are a component kite system that uses 3x5 flags as the sail component of the kite. A patented frame harmlessly attaches to the back side of the flags, turning these most common size flags into great flying kites in an instant. The flags are easily removed and changed in seconds. This concept taps into an already existing wealth of theme variability including pro and college sports, patriotic, corporate, novelty, etc. Its an endless, easy, wonderful blend of flag and kite flying. Its flying flags in the truest sense, and the most fun flying flags ever. Its The Extreme Flagpole!

FlagKites come complete with a flag already attached to the frame, and many styles to choose from. Other flags are purchased separately, allowing for personalizing like no other kite. One frame plus a multitude of flags equals a lot of fun! Lightweight polyester flags work best, are readily available, and quite inexpensive. Several manufacturers make team and sports flags, for nearly all pro and collegiate teams, using lightweight polyester. Custom 3x5 panels can be made from various lightweight fabrics and flown just like flags. FlagKites are easy single line fliers (handle and 150 ft. of fly line included) and are truly in a class of their own.

FlagKites open and close like an umbrella, with or without a flag attached, making them most easy to operate and store. They even can be used as an umbrella! There is no assembly required with the exception of changing flags, which is a snap. FlagKites are constructed of the finest materials, are very durable, and replacement parts are available.